About Annari

Hi there,

I am Annari.

Since I was a child I could feel energy moving and shaping around me. To me, it always seemed natural and later learned that some of my grandparents had similar abilities. Somewhere in my twenties I heard the word Reiki. Without having any idea of what it was, I knew I wanted to delve deeper. For the first time in my life I found something that came completely naturally to me. What others found difficult, I found exciting. I could not learn everything fast enough. As soon as my Reiki learning journey came to an end, I saw another word that gave me that similar feeling; Kundalini Yoga. And then again and again I was pulled into different modalities. And so my journey in the complementary world has slowly been growing.

Fast forward a bit and I am a Hypnotherapist, Reiki-therapist, Quantum Sensory Healer, Kundalini Teacher and an EFT/TFT (tapping) Practitioner. My combined learning and training experience in the alternative/complementary healing field has now accumulated to more that 7 years.

I am hoping to meet you soon!