Spiritual Hypnosis

Details of the Therapy

Most people have different definitions of spirituality. Spirituality is a sacred term to describe connecting, believing and/or following the human spirit, soul or higher guidance. Spiritual hypnosis sessions are client-centered. Meaning that the therapist is perfectly capable of working within the clients definition of spirituality. The client-centered spiritual hypnosis can assist you with spiritual crisis, inhibitors from the spiritual realm, guidance, strengthening spiritual connections, exploration of spiritual dimensions and the enhancement of spiritual gifts. In order to offer maximum benefit, an online intake form is required before booking is administered.

Consultation Pricing

Please note that spiritual hypnosis sessions can range anywhere between one to three hours.

Per session:

R1 000

Contact Details

For Call and WhatsApp:

072 238 7832



For serious/fatal medical conditions, alternative healing/medicine should not be the only treatment to be considered.